Mission Statement

Mission and Core Values

At Ben-Hem, we enhance the possibilities of all learners. Students, teachers, and parents work together to bring our mission to life. This is achieved through a sustained, uncompromising focus on our core values.

It is our mission to ensure that?

  • all students, through effort and perseverance, excel as learners, individuals, and members of a diverse society
  • all students develop confidence in themselves as individuals and learners, with their peers as friends and mentors, and with their community as a resource
  • all students thrive in a positive school climate; engaged in rigorous learning while being instilled with the joy and fun of seeking knowledge
  • parents and teachers collaborate in a collective effort to support and care for students

We value CAREing?

  • Community

Collaborative connections between teachers, students, and parents

  • Academics

Extend and refine what we know and are able to do

  • Responsibility and Respect

Care for ourselves, each other and the community

  • Effort

Continuous, focused determination to further one's own learning

Ben-Hem's Educational Philosophy

We believe inspiring and developing a life-long love of learning is the foundation for every child's future success. Children are innately curious and come to school eager to learn. They will develop the skills and acquire the knowledge and understanding necessary for them to be capable and competent citizens. As a community, we must access students' desire to learn and engage them in that life-long pursuit of knowledge.

Learning does not begin or end with the school day, week, or year. Children gain insight and understanding through all of their experiences and interactions with their environment. Values, ideas, and concepts are communicated explicitly through direct teaching and implicitly through the words and actions of the influential adults in their lives. Over time, the child's cumulative interactions with people shape their perception of themselves, others, and the diverse world around them.

We believe that an unwavering commitment to developing a positive school culture is essential to achieving our mission. This culture is characterized by:
  • a direct, uncompromising focus on shared core values.
  • strong collaborative relationships between students, teachers, and parents
  • a safe, secure learning environment
  • constant reflection on our practice and parenting
  • an atmosphere that fosters academic rigor while simultaneously instilling the joy and fun of learning
Students must have a wide range of learning experiences. This includes core academic proficiencies, integration of the fine and performing arts, physical wellbeing, and social/emotional competency. These elements are essential components of an elementary education. This foundation prepares children for success as they further their education and continue on to adult life in a diverse, evolving society.

Children thrive when their hard work, effort, and success are celebrated. Establishing occasions that promote purposeful recognition and the joy of learning are central to bringing shared values to life and achieving the school's mission.

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